Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At TLC, we are highly dedicated to respect the privacy of our valued customers along with the recognition of the need, related to the protection of personal information. Personal information refers to any sort of information or data by which our valued customers can be identified or contacted; such as, name, residential address, mailing address, telephonic details etc. We always ensure that the information, you share with TLC, will be kept highly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of our company and trusted partners. Personal information gathered through the website is only used for completing your order, evaluating trends & statistics, analysis of preferences, providing the details of upcoming products & offers, and assessing your online experience with the website.

Collecting Information

Across your shopping experience at, we may ask about certain contact details about our valued customers; such as name, gender, birth date, telephone number, credit card information, personal interests, shipping or billing interest, and other information. The reason for collecting such information is to deliver the right product without developing any hazard for our customers. We also intend to maintain a proper record of the products being purchased. While registering yourself on the website, the information will be gathered that will be kept completely confidential. The information may also be collected during customer service inquiry, log-in, updating the online account, and opt-in to receive the promotional emails.


TLC uses “cookies” to improvise the experience of valued customers with our website. Cookies are simply texted files, which are placed in the browser to keep your preferences. Such files also allow us to suit the needs of our customers by the personalization of the experience. The usage of cookies is also helpful for supporting the shopping cart function along with the activation of TLC advertising, whenever our customers visit our website.

Email Communication

Our customers receive emails regarding the purchasing details during the experience. The customers may also receive advertising or promotional messages through email communication. However, such emails will be only delivered to the customers after their approval. If anyone of our customer is not willing to receive promotional emails, then they can easily unsubscribe them. You can also contact us through the “contact us” page or send an email to “[Email Address]” with your personal details to unsubscribe.

Security Guarantee

TLC guaranteed our valued customers that every transaction at will be absolutely safe. It means that our customers would pay nothing if any unauthorised charges are applied on the credit card during the shopping experience with us. TLC has the secure server, which is working in accordance with the industry standards and the best approach to commence secure transactions. The secure server is helpful to encrypt all the personal information, including the details of credit card, telephonic details, mailing address, and name. Encryption will be done so that it will not be read by anyone across the internet. So, we offer the complete security guarantee to our valued customers during their shopping experience with TLC.