At The Leather Crafts, shoemaking is no mere job. It is a passion, a calling, a way of life. We’re driven by a desire to preserve the two thousand years old time-honored craft. However, the skills which have been passed down from father to son in Pakistan for generations have been put under threat by the spread of mass production, leading to a complete collapse of one of the world’s greatest traditional industries. We sincerely believe that the talents of such artisans must be preserved for the benefit of future generations. That’s why TLC aims to help and encourage the younger generation to share our passion for this timeless craft. Each and every masterpiece hand-created by our artisans have a story to tell and are the result and reflection of a vibrant, fascinating and ancient heritage. We simply cannot let such treasures fade away.


We understand that as for traditional craftsmanship, we have a responsibility to our team of artisan shoemakers here in Pakistan. We consider every shoe we produce to be a unique and intricate masterpiece, and this level of quality can only come about as a result of the fair-trade wages, healthy working environment and educational initiatives we provide for our artisans. With every pair of handmade shoes that you purchase and enjoy, not only are you benefiting from a set of time-honored skills and talents, you’re also enabling us to create new opportunities for 100 people across our supply chain.

Furthermore, at the heart of TLC is a drive to empower women by training them in the skills required for the handcrafting of our shoes. The practical education we offer to women in the community offers them new opportunities; to attain new vocational skills, gain meaningful employment, and most importantly-to set themselves on the path to financial independence and self-sufficiency.


By working according to our ethical and traditional credentials, we are able to build a series of bridges. We bridge the gap between producer and consumer, by firstly eliminating the middlemen of the industry, and secondly, by ensuring that our artisans are no mere faceless producers. Our transparent supply chain allows you, the customer, to know exactly who has crafted the masterpiece you purchased. Furthermore, we bridge the gap between the craftspeople who construct the shoes and our design team. Our workers are encouraged to pitch in their own ideas and original designs, ensuring not only new heights of excellence in the shoes we produce but also a higher level of pride in our workforce. We also work closely with our craftspeople in sourcing high-quality leathers those which soften over time, and which guarantee greater comfort and fit.

By building these bridges, we not only deliver a superior product, but we are also helping to reshape the traditional footwear industry for the 21st century.

The Future Of Handmade Is In Our Hands.

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