For a custom made masterpiece, you can visit our studio or schedule an appointment with our shoe designers.

The first step of the process would be to for the designer to meet the client, where you will discuss what exactly you fancy in your bespoke masterpiece. They will then take your detailed measurement using the Brannock device, which is a bespoke show measurement decide to ensure precision and perfect fit of the final product.

Although the possibilities of custom designing are endless, we make the process simpler by offering some base styles and designs to play with.
You can choose your style, shoe last, type of leather, color, type of hand textured patina, sole type and its color, insole, heel, welt/construction method, and lastly, the decorative styles. Once all of the selections are made, the artisans get to display their skills and craftsmanship of handmade shoemaking!

All of TLC’s bespoke shoes begin their journey with the pattern design. The design of each shoe’s pattern is in accordance with the preferences of the client and the design team. After which the leather is cut and stitched together to create the upper of the shoe. The upper is then pulled and tightly wrapped around the shoe mould for the lasting process. After which the soles and heels are pressed onto the shoes, the sole is milled following the last outline and then polished in accordance with the chosen model and style.
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