A truly great shoe requires truly extraordinary materials. Every component of our handcrafted shoes is made from carefully selected materials, and in accordance with our bespoke services. Constantly innovating and raising our own standards, we’re always on the lookout for new materials and techniques. After listening to the feedback of our valued clients, we’ve recently increased the flexibility of our insole boards and leather outsoles, and we’ve sought out the perfect rubber soles to heighten the comfort and durability of our products. TLC is founded on the principles of championing craftsmanship, as well as ethical transparency in how we produce our quality footwear.

Pattern Designing

All of TLC’s bespoke shoes begin their journey with the pattern design. The design of each shoe’s pattern is the result of much collaboration with the pattern cutters, the management and design teams. Each understands the weighty importance of this part of the process. Indeed, if the pattern is anything less than perfect, the resulting shoe will not be able to reach the heights of excellence we and our customers demand from the final product. It’s by no means a quick process.


The term ‘clicking’ comes from the distinctive sound made by the leather knives, as they are removed from the leather during this initial stage of the handcrafted shoemaking process. This stage requires an artful eye and a genuine attention to fine detail - after all, the leather uppers being ‘clicked’ or cut are what will eventually form the body of the bespoke shoe itself.


This stage of the bespoke shoemaking process actually involves several individual operations, all of which involve the ‘closing’ or stitching together of the individual leather uppers pieces clicked in the previous stage. During this stage, the shoemaker goes to great lengths to smooth out the edges of the leather, searing and folding in order to create a sleek and flawless upper which is ready to last.


The lasting process is where the shoe really begins to take shape. The upper is pulled and tightly wrapped around the shoe mold also known as a “last”, in order for the upper to fully take on the shape of the shoe mold. Thereafter, the lasted uppers are ready for the next process.


In this stage of our shoemaking process, the soles and heels are pressed onto the shoes, the sole is milled following the last outline and then polished in accordance with the chosen model and style.


The final stages of our shoemaking process are those which truly exhibit the sheer skill, passion, and talent of our dedicated team. Polishing, dressing and burnishing our bespoke footwear is a time-consuming process and one which is carried out by hand under the artistic eyes of those carrying out the task. However, it is in many ways among the most important part of the entire process, as it is this stage which helps give our shoes their beautiful, elegant and stylish appearance.

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