Shoes are something people tend to take for granted nowadays. They're mass-manufactured, so you can get a very cheap pair of shoes at any department store. Usually, people just throw them in a corner at the end of the day and slip them on the next. However, if you're going to invest in a premium pair of shoes, you'll need to actually take care of them. If you've never had the pleasure of caring for a pair of shoes, you likely won't know what you're doing, and you can reduce the life of your shoes by many years with unintentional carelessness. Here are some basic tips to get the most out of your shoes.


A shoehorn is a tool that allows you to slip your foot into the shoe without crushing the heel, it retains the shape of the back of the heel, keeping it from being worn down. Shoetrees are devices that mimic the shape of a foot, meant to be inserted into shoes to make sure they retain their shape. Shoehorns are frequently made of metal or hard plastic, but shoetrees should only be made of very porous wood, metals and plastics do not absorb moisture. By using a shoehorn every time you put on your shoes, as well as putting quality shoetrees into every formal pair of shoes you wear, you can lengthen the life of your shoes by several years.


Shoes will pick up dirt throughout the day, and even when sitting in the closet while you sleep. In the morning, brush your shoes gently with a horsehair brush, making sure to pay close attention to any places where you see abnormalities. When you get back home after the day is over, brush them again before putting them in the closet, taking care to remove any visible dirt and smudges as gently as possible.


When shoes are made of a premium product, like leather or calfskin, moisture will cause them to degrade very quickly. When you're ready to put your shoes away at the end of the day, be sure they've dried for about fifteen minutes before putting in your shoetrees. Don't store them in a shoe box; for long-term storage place them in a soft cloth bag. In addition, make sure they dry at room temperature, as heaters can cause the leather to become brittle and crack. High-quality shoes are a must for anyone working at a job where presentation is important. They're beautiful and with the proper care and maintenance, can be used for many, many years. However, poor maintenance could render your shoes unusable in a matter of months.
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