All TLC Handmade Shoes are design to match standard US dress shoe sizes. However, to ensure the perfect fit, please make sure: -

  • If you have wide feet, please select next size up. All our shoes are standard D width.
  • In general, our shoes run slightly small. We suggest you size up if you are between sizes.
  • UK Size, EU size, Brannock and Foot Lengths are for reference purpose only, to help you select the correct TLC size.
  • Sizes smaller than 8 and bigger than 12 are crafted to order only.


Step #1: Draw the contour of your feet.

Put your right foot on a piece of paper putting all the weight of your body in that foot. Another person should draw the contour or outline of your foot by placing the thin pen or pencil in vertical alignment.


· Do not trace your own foot because as you bend to draw, you will put weight on your feet and change the size.
· Do not lean over and watch as the person outlines your feet. By doing so, you will move your legs and put uneven weight on your feet.

Step #2: Find the longest and widest part of your foot.

Draw a line in the longest and widest part of your feet as in the picture. Measure between these exact points and write on the same paper the dimensions in centimeters. Do the same with your left foot. Specify the regular size you wear in the same document.


One foot may be longer than the other, so it is essential to send both, left and right, measurements. Salamanca shoes will make the same size for both feet, considering the larger size, unless the customer request to have a different shoe size for each foot.

Extra measurements.

1. Ball: make sure you take the two widest points of your foot, bone to bone. Make sure the end of the measurement tape meets the other end without tightening.

2. Instep: make sure you measure the highest part of your feet. This measure is mostly men shoes or closed toe shoes. Make sure the end of the measurement tape meets without tightening.

3. Strap: measure above the ankle, and make sure the tape measure meet without compressing.

Step #3: Send the scans of the foot outline.

Email us the dimensions in centimeters and the scan of your foot outline. Additionally, you can send picture and a short video of your feet if possible. Be very detail about any feet particular condition as a flat fee, high instep, bunion, narrow or wide foot, etc. Tell us about your current US shoe size as well. See table (1) below.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your precise measurement and we hope to deliver you the most bespoke masterpiece for your shoe collection!

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