We walk through life one step at a time. Let’s make that journey in style!

Whoever said bespoke, luxury footwear couldn’t be affordable?

When we first began walking the path that eventually lead to the creation of The Leather Crafts, we knew that our brand of bespoke and luxury footwear would be one based upon a clear set of principles.

The first of these: that bespoke fashion can at once be unique, luxurious and refined, while also being affordable for all those who seek out the finer things in life.

The second: that true quality, bespoke manufacturing, and unmistakable distinction must always come before quantity and mass production.

The third: to produce footwear which effortlessly brings together classic style with contemporary fashion, and which highlights the utmost in quality which only artisanal, handmade craftsmanship can provide.

Inspired by tradition. Evolved by fashion. Hand-crafted by artisans.

Our journey was also prompted by one other keen observation. We noticed that - on one hand - the majority of bespoke, handmade leather shoes were beyond the budgets of many of those who longed to own them. On the other, there was a dire lack of resources and opportunities for the skilled artisans capable of producing them. Ancient traditions and precious craftsmanship and knowledge were at risk, and as passionate shoe enthusiasts, we simply couldn’t allow them to disappear.

This situation spurred us to set up a footwear brand which could not only bring bespoke leather shoes to a wider audience, but which also provided craftspeople a platform on which to display their skills and traditions to the world.

Achieving excellence, step by step.

In 2012, the journey was well and truly underway, and TLC established a workshop for local artisans in Karachi, Pakistan. After a considerable amount of investment, hard work and dedication, we were able to begin creating and selling our handmade masterpieces.

Ever since, we've been uncompromising in our standards for excellence, and by seeking out those expert craftsmen whose talents deserve to be preserved in the 21st century, we have been able to achieve ever-increasing standards of perfection. Their treasured art-form deserves nothing less than immortalisation, and by encouraging these artisans to pass on their unique skills to a new generation of shoemakers, we can seamlessly blend modernity with their time-treasured craft.

Reviving the soul of bespoke shoemaking.

Our approach stands proudly at odds with the footwear industry as a whole. Elsewhere in the market, mass production reigns supreme... and somewhere along the line, the spirit and artistry of this craft began to suffer. Our mission is a straightforward one: we strive to provide our customers with unique, handcrafted shoes that match comfort with modernity, classic elegance with contemporary style, and attention to detail with reverence for tradition. We achieve all of this with our ethics intact - indeed, we provide fair wages, healthcare and educational opportunities for the families we employ - and in doing so, TLC is truly putting the heart back into luxury shoemaking.

We do not merely create shoes; we offer a bespoke service in the truest sense of the word. Through our meticulous attention to detail and custom design services, we’re able to provide more than just quality footwear… we provide the first steps of new adventures, executed in perfect style.

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